Fall Refresh!

September 07, 2023

Okay, when was the last time you refreshed your cleaning caddy? How about your broom closet? Fall is the perfect time of year to assess your cleaning tools. After washing what’s still in good working order, opt for quality when replacing the ones that have seen better days. Investing in cleaning tools with a focus on product innovation, ergonomics, and sustainability in addition to quality is always a win-win. In fact, our research shows that having the right household cleaning tools is a significant helping hand in not only getting started but, also, to completing chores efficiently, effectively, and confidently so that you can relax and enjoy the place you call home sooner and with greater comfort and ease.
Why not get started with these three favourites: 


Small Scrub BrushSmall Scrub Brush

One too many pans of gooey lasagne means it’s time to invest in a new Small Scrub Brush! Strong bristles and an ergonomic handle get just about anything scrubbed clean in no time flat. Every kitchen needs a reliable scrub brush. So does every bathroom, come to think of it. Be sure to pick up two while you’re at it and keep one in the bathroom for scrubbing grime off grout and hard water stains off of tile – not to mention getting that stuck-on toothpaste out of the sink and more


Bowl Brush And CaddyBowl Brush and Caddy

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s time to get a new toilet bowl brush. The one essential household cleaning tool that no-one wants to talk about (we get it)… but it’s time. The average person visits the toilet 2,500 times a year so we need to talk. Have no fear – we’ve got good news! The Libman Bowl Brush and Caddy has been designed to fit into any bathroom decor and discreetly sit in its own neutral white caddy (included), it’s compact and unobtrusive, tip resistant and it facilitates fast drying. It’s there when you need it and otherwise just disappears into the room the rest of the time. 


Wonder MopWonder Mop

Why are you mopping dirt around your floors? Meet the award-winning Wonder Mop®! With a microfibre head constructed out of our exclusive GRIPSTRIPS™ and designed to lift up to 20% more dirt from your floors, faster-drying cleaner floors are the result. Each Wonder Mop has a built-in power wringer, designed to squeeze out (and remove even more water (while keeping your hands dry!) from the eco-friendly mop head which is machine washable up to 50 times. Easy to do, simply remove the head, wash and reinstall it to keep cleaning. How easy is that? Just doing our part to help keep single-use, disposable cleaning pads out of landfills.