Ace Summertime Cleaning Routines

August 04, 2023
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Summer School remains in session this month with more valuable cleaning lessons, home economics hacks and useful time-saving tips for living your best summer life coming your way! Read on to make the most of the dog days of summer while keeping things clean, tidy and looking good at home, in the garden, at the cottage and on the road! Got a smart cleaning tip you’d like to share with us? Post it on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook with the hashtag #libmansummerschool – we’d love to see it! 


Microfiber ClothsMicrofibre Sponge Cloths 

While the humble watermelon is a quintessential summertime favourite, the mess left behind is decidedly not. Sop up the sticky juice easily and quickly with our super-absorbent Microfibre Sponge Cloth to keep that counter clean. Cutting board, too. Plus, they’re machine-washable and reusable, too!



Push Broom and SqueegeeMulti-Purpose Squeegee Push Broom

Gardens are gorgeous – but a lot of back breaking work. Save time and money on keeping your patio stones and pool surrounds looking their best with our Multi-Purpose Squeegee Push Broom! The firm and flexible broom bristles banish dirt, debris, moss and more while the rubber squeegee blade pushes water away. Done and done! Plus, it can be used on a multitude of surfaces including concrete, brick, wood and stone.



Telescopic Window WasherTelescopic Window Washer

We’ve asked it before and we’ll ask it again: What good is a view of the lake if the windows are too dirty to see anything? Alas, our Telescopic Window Washer to the rescue! Extending 8 feet with a professional-strength scrub net over the sponge to loosen dirt and film from windows, the flexible rubber blade wipes streak-free. Plus, the aluminum handle is durable and lightweight. Now – just look at that view (you’re welcome)! Pro-tip: Our Telescopic Window Washer is also a terrific tool on the road for RVs, too!