Summer School!

July 10, 2023
July 2023 Canadian Blog Header

School may be out for the summer but the learning never stops around here! This season we’re sharing valuable cleaning lessons, home economics hacks and useful time-saving tips so you can make the most of your cleaning efforts and maximize your leisure time once the chores are done around the home, cottage, cabin and even the campsite. Grab a pencil – let’s go!  


Tornado Spin MopTornado Spin Mop® System

Quick! What’s 1+1? If you guessed 2, you’re right (gold star!) and that means we’ve doubled the ease with which floors can be mopped by designing this convenient all-in-one Tornado Spin Mop System! With a large microfibre (and machine washable!) mop head that absorbs and removes more water so your floors dry quickly plus a heavy-duty bucket and spinning chamber working to remove water and dirt efficiently from the mop head – it’s the kind of fast math we can get behind. Simply unlock and push the precision-molded and impact-resistant handle down once for a damp mop or more times for a drier mop. The Libman Tornado Spin Mop removes over 99% of staphylococcus aureus and E. coli on ceramic tile and wood floors when used with water. 

And, here’s a bonus: You can get $15 back via mail-in rebate!


No Knees Floor ScrubNo Knees Floor Scrub

Angles aren’t just for math class! Designed with a pointed head to reach corners and get into the grooves on patios, walkways, decks, docks and more, the No Knees Floor Scrub is one tough scrubber. It is equipped with a head that pivots 180 degrees making reaching tough spots even easier. Ideal for indoors and out with a hanger hole for convenient storage. Plus, you’ll save your knees, too!


Small Scrub BrushSmall Scrub Brush

Instead of running around the house in search of the right cleaning tool in the moment, get organized now and save time by keeping a Small Scrub Brush on-hand in the kitchen, another in the pool hut, one in the garden shed, another in the garage (you get the idea). From baked-on BBQ sauce and grimy grout to algae and even bird gunk on patio furniture, scrub everything clean quickly and efficiently. Just remember to not cross-contaminate!