Roller Mop with Scrub Brush

Product #5004

Squeeze every ounce of dirt and grime out of your floors with the Libman Roller Mop with Scrub Brush. The tear-resistant mop head helps you lift dirt away from vinyl, linoleum, wood, laminate, marble, stone or ceramic tile. The easy-wring handle makes getting dirty water out of the absorbent mop head a breeze without you having to get your hands dirty. When you have harder-to-clean areas, the Nitty Gritty Mop features a convenient brush that gets into even the toughest areas. When you need to scrub, mop and wring, this should be your go-to mopping tool. 

Key Features

  • Green cleaning pads help lift dirt away
  • Heavy-duty mop head is strong and absorbent
  • Easy-to-pull wring handle
  • Built-in scrub brush breaks down tough dirt, grout, and more
  • Great for vinyl, linoleum, wood, laminate, marble, stone and ceramic tile
  • Extra strong steel handle
  • Approximately 51” overall length
  • Refill available, Product #5005
  • 1-year warranty
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