Cleaning with the Kids!

March 06, 2024
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It’s March Break across the country for the kiddos this month and while that means a break from school, the household chores never stop and it can feel a little more like March madness at times! So, why not do a little work around the house together and teach a few simple cleaning skills to your kids? You’ll actually be giving yourself a break in the process. Keep in mind that kids have short attentions spans so be sure to choose age appropriate tasks to encourage their imagination and build success. Good luck!


Bottle BrushNow’s a terrific time to give all your reusable water bottles a really thorough washing – and our new Bottle Brush is just the tool to get the job done. Designed with an ergonomic rubber grip that won’t slip when wet, even the littlest hands can get to work. Be sure to follow up and dry well… et voila! Instant gratification.



Broom and Dustpan ComboAs for the floors… Sweeping up is one thing – but it’s got to be easy for the littles to get the debris into the dustpan or they’ll get frustrated and give up (and then sweeping becomes your job which kind of defeats the purpose here)! Enter our Upright Dustpan with its extra-long handle and wide mouth (our Precision Angle Broom just happens to be a perfect fit). No more excuses, kids! Set a timer to see who can get it done faster and reward accordingly. Making a challenge or a game out of simple cleaning tasks can add excitement and keep everyone keen on pitching in.


Brush and DustpanA tale as old as time, we know. The kids want a pet and promise to clean up after it if you get them one. So, you do. Cuddles abound and playtime is the best time – but pet food spills are always on the kitchen floor. The earlier kids know that part of responsible pet ownership is cleaning up after it the better – and we know that spills are just a part of life! Ideal for quick clean-ups in the kitchen and more, our Dustpan and Brush Set is the go-to duo for everyone in the house.