Four on the Floor

June 12, 2024
Wonder Mop on wood floor next to spilled glass of milk

Ever wonder why we make such a robust assortment of mops and brooms? Well, look down! The answer lies under your feet. Designed in-house for various flooring surfaces and with specific tasks in mind, we’ve been the experts on what to use and where since 1896. Here’s the inside scoop on some of our most popular four on the floor:

Nitty Gritty Mop

When you need to scrub stuck-on dirt off of vinyl, linoleum, wood, laminate, marble or stone floors – and even ceramic tile, the Nitty Gritty® Roller Mop is the ultimate go-to thanks to a built-in brush tackling the toughest dried-on messes and a tear-resistant mop head built to last. Plus, the easy-wring handle makes getting dirty water out a snap without you having to get your hands dirty!

Wonder MopDesigned to lift up to 20% more dirt from most flooring surfaces, it’s no surprise our exclusive GRIPSTRIPS™ are the secret to the Wonder® Mop’s success! Coupled with a built-in power wringer engineered to squeeze out and remove even more water from the microfibre mop head allowing floors to dry faster, you’ll be dancing on them in no time. BONUS: The mop head is machine washable up to 50 times – helping to keep single-use disposable cleaning pads out of landfills. Simply remove the head, wash and reinstall it to keep on mopping. Voila!
Big Corn BroomWilliam Libman founded The Libman Company with a mission of making the finest, most durable wire-wound corn brooms. Fast forward and our iconic corn brooms remain best-sellers even today. Ideal for light-duty work inside or out, the Big Corn Broom is made of 100% broomcorn ensuring it won’t fall apart if exposed to moisture. With extra stitching providing a longer life, you’ll reach for it time and time again.

*Avoid using on wood floors.

Broom and dustpan on wood floorFeatured on Cityline recently, the Precision Angle® Broom & Dustpan is the ultimate dynamic duo in our sweeping arsenal! Thanks to the broom’s 5” long flagged tips made from recycled PET bottles which are precisely cut to remove over 99% of dust, dirt and debris in one sweep and its handy clip-on dustpan featuring a molded lip to seal against the floor ensuring dirt winds up in it (and not under it), it’s a broom closet essential for every household.