Fall Yard Clean-up!

November 16, 2023
November 2023 Blog Header

Get ready, Canada! Winter weather is on the way and it’s time to say goodbye to backyards, decks and patios for another year until the daffodils begin to bloom next Spring. Before bidding a fond farewell to the season, here are the three outdoor chores topping our fall clean-up checklist as well as some other to-do’s to take care of around the house before winter’s first frost:

Scrub-Brush-and-Bucket-250x150.jpg Floor Scrub and Utility Bucket

Scrub slippery moss, mold and algae from cracks and rough surfaces with our Floor Scrub – and you can thank us next April! Made with 1.5” long recycled fibres to withstand heavier debris, use together with our classic dual-pour Utility Bucket and a little elbow grease. 


18” Multi-Surface Push Broom18” Multi-Surface Push Broom

Don’t give leaves and yard debris the chance to lock-in moisture causing wood rot and structural damage to steps, porches and decks. Get your act together and reach for the 18” Multi-Surface Push Broom with its firm and flexible polymer fibres for a reliable clean sweep! Ideal for a multitude of surfaces around the house including concrete, stone, brick, cement and more. 


17” Industrial Grade Dust Pan17” Industrial Grade Dust Pan

And, of course, every large broom deserves an extra wide dustpan to get big jobs done right in the yard, garage, workshop and more! Three times stronger than a steel dust pan and designed to withstand more than a whopping 530lbs, our Industrial Grade Dust Pan is reinforced to maintain its shape (no cracking!) and boasts molded teeth to remove debris from broom fibres. 


Additional to-do’s include (again, you’ll thank us!):

  • Putter in your gutter: Avoid blockages, build-ups and potential leaks by clearing your gutters now. Grab the ladder and get up there!
  • Scrub-a-dub-dub: Give outdoor furniture a thorough scrub with soapy warm water before packing away in the garage or under a waterproof cover for the winter. Kicking off 2024’s patio season will be that much easier; 
  • Down the drain: Drain your garden hoses and store them inside to help prevent freezing and damage to your plumbing;
  • Take inventory: Assess what you’re going to need for the season and make a list of anything that you need to pick-up the next time you’re out;
  • Inspect: Ensure your snow removal tools and equipment are accessible and in good working order. Let’s face it: A buried shovel in the back of the garage isn’t exactly helpful. Neither is a broken snow blower;
  • Charge it: Drained batteries aren’t powering anything, least of all your get up and go when it’s -25°C. Idle batteries lose juice over time, so be sure to charge everything up.

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